Drama Workshop Was Successfully Held

The first workshop of Firat University ELT Department Professional Development Series was held on 29-30 April, 2019 at Fırat University Faculty of Education Conference Hall. The workshop was organized with the collaboration of U.S. Embassy Ankara. 

The Dean of Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Erol ASİLTÜRK, Elazığ Regional Director of National Education Mr. Feyzi GÜRTÜRK, several Elazığ District Branch Managers of National Education participated in the workshop.

English Language Specialist Leslie SAPP delivered the drama workshop on bringing language to life with learner centered drama. The aim of workshop was to raise awareness and train ELT professionals on how to use drama effectively in the classroom.

Over 200 people including in-service ELT teachers, pre-service ELT teachers and students of Foreign Language School and English Language and Literature Department participated in the event. The participants received the certificate of participation at the end of the workshop.

For more information please watch the video: